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Radio Streaming Program

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Friday, 18 May 2007
Extend marketing with radio streaming program

KUKMI with Yayasan mara utilize new technology in communication adn information to display UKM with audio visual program called "Radio Streaming", this media uses electronic device, furthermore it can give big and free opportunity to UKM for direct connection with buyer in singapore. moreover to serve domestic demand (local and regional) UKM also using Interactive Radio Dialog Program

Institution join in this program

1. KUKMI East Java
2. Koperasi Etos Mutualis
3. Yayasan Mara
4. Radio Maraghita
5. UKM ( Usaha Kecil dan Menengah), Indonesia
6. Indonesian Business Centre, Singapore

a) Kukmi East Java
mass organization who have mission and vision to do civil evolving, specially UKM (Usaha Kecil dan Menengah) who become backbone to repair indonesia economic condition
To do operational of the program a organization, it need an "organization" which can move freely, flexibel, and not limited by bureaucracy. DP KUKMI East Java create an organization which can explain strategic operational organization.

b) KOPERASI Etos Mutualis
Is a corporation which build by some of member and non member of KUKMI East Java, as an independent business unit and doing operational activity with freely and profit oriented. This Koperasi is main part and it can build unit unit business (PT, CV,) which business orinted and profit oriented. The founder of Koperasi consist of 20 people who are member of KUKMI East Java. Koperasi allowed freely to use name, logos, and other attribut without indication from Kukmi East Java
supervisor consist of
Leader : Tetty Kadi Bawono, Member I : Yusuf Munawar, Member II : ceppy Setiawan
Leader : Deddy Yohan, secretar : Bambang Aris Sistanto, Treasurer: Yani Cendriyani

c) Yayasan Mara
is a corporation non commercial, which focusing to operate in broadcasting advanced and support by proffesional. Since 2005 start to cooperate whit Radio Singapore International (RSI) who have radio networking through the world

d) Radio Maraghita
is a corporation moulded bya Yayasan Mara, is a business unit which independent and doing operational activity commercially and profit oriented on behalf of Yayasan mara.

e) UKM (Usaha Kecil dan Menengah) Small and medium Business , Indonesia
is a production unit which done by civil with various business scale and various category ( craft, agrobisnis, tourist, )

f) Indonesiab Business Centre, Singapore
IBC established 7 years ago, mainly to promote product and service from indonesian businessman for singapore. secondly to serve platform for singaporean people who want to offer product and service for indonesian at singapore and singaporean at indonesia community. IBC have 3000 member until now. consist of Indonesian and Singaporean businessman, enterpreneur, proffesional, and agen from various business association also economic and trade consul from various high commision which have business related with indonesia.

Program from IBC
involved of monthly business forum, monthly network beverages, monthly lunch, monthly practice indonesian language. every business forum held, always available "DISPLAY PLACE" with normal price to show your product and service from the member. Member will received weekly news from trade and invest. business prospect to update event who appropriate with business community in indonesia

IBC member singapore : is a community of indonesian businessman (buyer group) in singapore which have a marketing network at singapore and other country.

Board of Advisors
Mr Setyadi Ongkowidjaja

1. Mr. Andrajati (Head of KBRI Singapore)
2. Dr. Theresa Chow (Presidents & CEO, Expressions International (s) Pte Ltd)
3. Mr. Pramukti Surjaudjaja (President & CEO, Bank NISP, Indonesia)
4. Dato' Dr. Jannie Tay (Vice Chairman, The Hour Glass Ltd)
5. Mr. Tumbaleka (Marketing Director, PT. Artamulia Tata Pratama)

"Radio Streaming" Program
Cooperate DPD Kukmi East Java, Yayasan Mara and IBC Singapore with "Radio Streaming" which interactive on-air program is very potential and effective to get closer, detail and more to know UKM in Indonesia to serve market demand.

"Radio Streaming" content trusted to DPD Kukmi East Java. This cooperation gives benefit for DPD Kukmi East Java, especially in selection proccess for potential UKM and become motivation and acceleration in the proccess of making UKM

Dialog Radio Interactive Program
Kukmi with Yayasan Mara used the advanced of communication technology and information to show UKM for direct correlation with buyer to serve prospect domestic market (local and regional)

By Bambang Aris Sistanto

Further information :
Jl. Rajamantri Tengah IV No.22, Buahbatu. Bandung - Jawa Barat.
Telepon /Fax : 022- 730.4047, Email : kukmi[at]marabandung[dot]net

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