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AAM Field Force Team Knowledge Sharing

12.06 2007
AAM Field Force Team Knowledge Sharing
These days, AAM seems to be competing among the field forces through Knowledge Sharing, which is very great for the AAM growth because only through sharing a company can grow fast.

This time the knowledge sharing is from JK1 Field Force Team on May 23rd 2007. They share about Marketing Mix, a theory from a master of management Philip Kotler. They share the meaning of Marketing Mix and their components known as 4 P Concept (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place).

Eventhough the marketing mix concept is one of a big concept of marketing, JK1 team seems concern to it, so they also need to know what they are, especially by the salesman and their supervisor. Why? Because the field forces seems need it when dealing the customers on field.

From the four concept of marketing, we can use it as an alternative when facing an obstacle with the customers. When one concept looses, we can focus to the other concept. That is what JK1 Field Force Team say when they share their konwledge.

(Source : knowledge sharing JK1)

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