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UT Knowledge Management won MAKE Awards

UT Knowledge Management won MAKE Awards
August 14, 2007


PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) has been nominated in MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Awards for the first time since this awards had been held in Indonesia. After a series of scoring and judgment conducted by Dunamis Organization Services, UT was elected as one of 2007 Indonesian MAKE winner. This award was presented in Knowledge Management Conference held on August 1 � 2, 2007 at Gren Melia Hotel, Jakarta. Based on its ability to manage people, process & technology, UT is confirmed as an organization that is able to manage its intellectual properties to add value to the organization. Positive comments from the panelists also verified UT as a well-run process-based organization which provides knowledge-based products/services for its stakeholders, i.e. customers and suppliers. UT was also credited as an organization that has an integrated and comprehensive knowledge management platform.

MAKE Awards is a world-wide award granted to organizations which are recognized for their good knowledge and intellectual asset management as to bring added value to their organization. All types of organizations, e.g. private, government, educational institution, NGO, etc., are eligible for the award as long as they meet the predetermined criteria. MAKE Awards has started their work in Indonesia since 2005 and had been given to many organizations such as Unilever Indonesia, Astra International, Bank Indonesia, etc.

Followings are the 8 criteria used to review the organization knowledge management:

  1. Creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture;
  2. Developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership;
  3. Delivering knowledge-based products/ services/ solutions;
  4. Maximizing enterprise intellectual capital;
  5. Creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing;
  6. Creating a learning organization;
  7. Delivering value-based on customer knowledge;
  8. Transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value.

Based on the criteria above, here are all of the 2007 Indonesian MAKE Awards winners (in alphabetical order):

  1. Astra International
  2. Bank Indonesia
  3. Bank Niaga
  4. Bina Nusantara
  5. Excelcomindo
  6. Medco Energi
  7. ITB
  8. Telkom
  9. Unilever Indonesia
  10. United Tractors
  11. Wijaya Karya

This award would further motivate UT and its people to speed up the pace of knowledge management implementation within the Company in order to make the most of its intellectual assets as added value to all of its stakeholders.

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