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Unilever Indonesia Receives Asia’s 2005 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award

Unilever Indonesia Receives Asia’s 2005 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Award

19/10/2005 : Unilever Indonesia the only Indonesian company receiving the Asian MAKE Award - first time participation for Indonesia

After receiving the 2005 Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) award at the Indonesian level in July 2005, Unilever Indonesia has succeeded in getting the prestigious award at a higher level by winning the Asian MAKE Award in October 2005. At the regional level in which Indonesia participates for the first time, Unilever Indonesia is the only Indonesia company who has succeeded in becoming one in 14 Asian companies receiving the award.

The award was handed over on 12 October 2005 at the 2005 World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Korea, to Josef Bataona, Human Resources Director of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.

Maurits Lalisang, President Director of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. said that, “We are very pleased that our efforts to enrich the knowledge of our employees through knowledge management at Unilever Indonesia has resulted in the recognition by the international community. We are currently embarking on a journey to make Unilever Indonesia the “Learning and Sharing Organization”, we are aware that to succeed in the knowledge management area, we have to create a knowledge sharing culture among the employees.”

That is why, Maurits continues, Unilever is encouraging employees to share knowledge and experience with their colleagues through forums created for that purpose. Incentives in the form of the Learning Award is also given to those who actively share knowledge in the forums. Most of the material which has been disseminated is stored in a special internal website which can be accessed any time by employees to widen their knowledge base.

Unilever Indonesia’s success in making itself a learning organization is subsequently one of the factors Unilever Indonesia was chosen as the recipient of the Asian MAKE award this year.

MAKE is a research program conducted by Teleos and The Know Network since 1998 and has been implemented in North America, Europe and Japan. In 2005, it is the first time the program was conducted in Indonesia, in which Unilever Indonesia was chosen as one of three companies receiving the national level award and as a result, was eligible for the Asian MAKE program.

The criteria of the MAKE evaluation covers the following :

  • Creating an enterprise knowledge-driven culture
  • Developing knowledge workers through senior management leadership
  • Delivering knowledge- based products / services / solutions
  • Maximizing enterprise intellectual capital
  • Creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing
  • Creating a learning organization
  • Delivering value based on customer knowledge
  • Transforming enterprise knowledge into shareholder value

From the 8 criteria points, Unilever Indonesia was considered as having performed very well on point 5 which is creating an environment for collaborative knowledge sharing and 6 which is creating a learning organization.

“In future, we are certain that knowledge and broad views of the employees will become a strength which will allow our company to continuously grow together with the people in it,” said Maurits.

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