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KOICA has implemented several aid programs to assist developing countries

KOICA has implemented several aid programs to assist developing countries

Kim Suk-HyunKOICA has implemented several aid programs to assist developing countries making strenuous efforts towards independence and self-sufficiency. Our assistances programs encompass several activities to help them such as the Invitation of Trainees, Project Type Cooperation, Dispatch of Experts, and KOVs (Korea Overseas Volunteers). These activities allow us to return the assistance that Korea received from the international community after the Korean War a half century ago, to recipient LDCs (Less Developed Countries) worldwide.

Regardless of political and cultural differences between world factions, inter-cooperation is earnestly needed to help create better world societies. In this way, so called 'global issues' can be resolved such as poverty, hunger, sanitation, environmental protection and prevention of war which are inevitable prerequisites to world peace.

Accordingly, the roles KOICA plays grow more important with the change in major paradigms such as Globalization and Informatization, and should help bring about real peace and equal development as a base to narrow the development gaps between donor and recipient countries.

The need for international cooperation has long existed, and each country requires help and cooperation at different times and stages of their development. KOICA stands ready as Korea's international aid agency to administer cooperation programs under authority of the Korean government as a member of the world community.

Because of our committment to global efforts to offer aid and assistance when, where, and as needed, KOICA's Homepage will serve as an introduction to our aid-activities and programs for both the international community, as well as our domestic population since membership in the OECD as an NIC.

KOICA's hope is that you will all take notice of our international aid activities to developing countries and join or eagerly support us with your positive participation.

Thank you

Kim Suk-Hyun, President KOICA

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