Minggu, 26 Agustus 2007

Astra Management Development Institute

Astra Management Development Institute

Since 1968, Astra has started to utilize human capital development to gain competitive advantage through establishing employee training programs. More than two decades later, the demand for human capital development continued to increase due to the expansion of Astra's business portfolio and increasingly competitive business conditions. As a result, what began as a training department was established into Astra Education and Training Center (AETC) in 1989.

Four years later, in accordance with Astra's vision in preparation for the third millenium, which is to retain its market leadership nationally, become an established international player, and build its reputation as the best managed corporation in Asia Pacific, AETC was finally transformed to AMDI.

The transformation from AETC into AMDI indicated the transformation of its services as well. From its sole role as the corporate training provider, AMDI expanded its portfolio into three areas:

  • Management Development: Provider of educational courses adapted to the developmental needs of employees from different career phases
  • Management Improvement: Internal consultant for management system development, culture development, and change management for Astra's affiliated companies
  • Knowledge Management: Facilitator of institutionalization and progression of Astra's Core Competence

AMDI’s three portfolios are one of Astra’s implementations of InnovAstra Framework

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